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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Humans of the MCD :: Allison Shir

The Marriott Center for Dance (MCD) is full of people with interesting stories and unique perspectives on what it means to be a dancer. Inspired by Humans of New York we're beginning our own storytelling project - Humans of the MCD. 

Today's human is Allison Shir, first year graduate student in Modern Dance. Most recently from Tel Aviv, she talks about her touring job with The Aluminum Show, creating your own opportunities, and a few other stories of life as a modern dancer.

"I was really influenced by the mentality in Israel, I was influenced by how I was surviving; how I worked, how I got around on my bicycle, how I managed with learning the language... the food, the sea - I lived very close to the sea."

Full interview:
Humans of the MCD : Allison Shir

Photo: Rob Tennant

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